About Us

Svetlana Vakaeva, CRTP – Founder and Owner.

Svetlana started preparing taxes as a volunteer for the IRS via a local San Diego non-profit organization during her junior year in college. Upon graduation from University of California, San Diego with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Mathematics she pursued a career in finance and accounting.

Since graduating she has also gained valued experience with investing and trading by attending a trading academy and completing courses in Stocks, Options, Futures, Foreign Exchange, and Real Estate focusing on their role in developing a comprehensive wealth management plan. She never stops learning and expanding her knowledge of business and personal finance to the benefit of her current and future clients.

Svetlana thrives on helping individuals and businesses with their financial matters. She assists start-ups with their business development concerns, resolves lingering IRS issues, and provides guidance as part of delivering a quality financial and tax planning that helps her clients sleep well at night.

Outside the office, Svetlana dedicates time to her other passions of world travel and animal welfare having visited 70 countries and spreading awareness of animal cruelty and the importance of adoption.

Ludmila Lebed, CPA.

Ludmila has more than 15 years of tax and financial accounting management experience in reputable private and public companies in Russia, Israel, and the United States. She has a deep knowledge of the tax rules and how they can be applied favorably to our clients.

Her recent experience at one of the most well-known tax resolution companies in the country helps our clients to get the most favorable outcomes during negotiations with the IRS and States taxing agencies.

Luda is very diligent and attentive to details. She thrives on resolving complex accounting and tax issues, and never gives up until the work is finished.

In her spare time, Ludmila enjoys outdoor activities with her family at national parks.